Employer Services Phase IV

Phase IV – Offers and Acceptance....Compensation, relocation, transition…

After the final candidates have met with your organization, we will counsel you on the reactions of the various candidates. We will also assist the selected candidate with advice on relocation, long-term professional growth, and be available for continuous assistance as required.

In our contacts with candidates we strive to accurately convey the image and philosophy of our client company.

Through continuing research we are able to provide informed counsel in problem areas such as compensation levels and resistance to relocation. Our research department can conduct studies and surveys on current trends affecting your industry and your company's ability to successfully recruit and keep qualified employees.

Our trained and experienced staff works with each new employee we place with you to assist in the following areas:

  • Relocation counseling and assistance
  • Job counseling for spouse
  • Transition coaching for the new employee to better understand the nature of the organization and its dynamics
  • Financial counseling