Our Mission

Acquis Associates is committed to excellence in executive search. We have the ability to get results without sacrificing our dedication to the concept of individualized services to our client companies. The staff works toward the goal of successfully meeting our client's requirements in a personalized, professional and timely manner.

Linda Sharkus PhD Dr. Linda C. Sharkus founded Acquis Associates, Inc. as a result of her personal search to find a challenging opportunity. She has been where you have been. She understands what it takes to find a position that is professionally challenging, the right cultural environment in the right geography and has the growth opportunity that an individual desires.

Dr. Sharkus received her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at the University of California, Davis, after obtaining a B.S. in Chemistry, cum laude, from Boston College Dr. Sharkus has over 25 years as a technical recruiter for the chemical industry, with a concentration in the area of polymers and plastics. Her assignments were varied and ranged from searches for chemical engineers, to research scientists, to technical marketing specialists. Acquis Associates has successfully helped dozens of companies recruit from among only the finest candidates. In addition, Dr. Sharkus has worked in management consulting, business development and fund raising for a number of emerging companies and as a result of her tenure in this area, had the opportunity to acquire a medical device technology that was received by a company she co-founded, AcquiSci Inc. to receive the platform technology.

What makes us successful? Results Matter!

Too often people lose sight of progress. In certain cases, some professionals do exactly what they need to do to maintain accountability for their jobs no more and no less. People can sometimes get lost in the day to day monotony of their routine, and forget that they are producers. Let's get results back!

Aren't results what matter?

Procedures are necessary to drive most business models. A procedure, according to answers.com, is a set of established forms or methods for conducting the affairs of an organized body such as a business, club or government. Basically, they are rules or steps that are followed in an attempt to maintain an organized understanding of how things work. They put structure to tasks that would otherwise be carried out in as many ways as there are personalities. Without procedures, results will not occur. The business would be on the perpetual cusp of mayhem.

In a business, a procedure is established that leads to the development of need for a person(s) with certain skill sets. People are designated (hopefully according to their talents) to fill the various tasks associated with the steps of each procedure. A job description is created. People are strategically placed into the model, and given orders to carry out the tasks for which they are best suited; the result of which is overall efficiency and success.

Acquis has established Procedures that ensure that a Company fills a job opening in a time and cost effective manner with the best available candidate to fit your corporate culture. We have to follow procedures, but not forget that procedures, while necessary, are not enough. It is imperative to make ourselves available to the support of others. Harvard Business Review recently stated that the mark of a true leader is a person who places their values in mentoring and supporting others, rather than promoting oneself. More than anything else, as professional leaders, we must constantly remind ourselves that work is about results and nobody wins if the company does not achieve their goals.

A selfish attitude at work can bring you many things. However, it will never bring you the character of a true leader.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we may discuss your immediate and anticipated needs. We look forward to building a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.