A Customized Recruiting Experience

The decision to explore professional opportunities is a significant one for many people and a Company’s privacy statement should be an important consideration before submitting your resume.  We value confidentiality and insist upon it as a standard operating practice of our enterprise.  The businesses and organizations that we represent seek talent at many levels of the scientific supply chain and our role is to assist them in identifying the one candidate, the one job seeker, who can exceed their expectations.

The recruiting process is often difficult for many job seekers because it requires you to explore your background, investigate your accomplishments, and develop an understanding of you in a deep professional and personal manner.  We have identified a number of tools and resources that are available to you to facilitate this process.  Our Affiliates may be able to assist you in some phases of the job transition process.  Our expertise is in translating highly specialized skill in business and operational terms to key stakeholders in the hiring process.   This means that after receiving your resume, we will work to understand your interests.  We expect honesty from you on what your goals are with respect to identifying opportunities.  We ask this because we are serious about our outcomes and serious about the value we offer to our business clients. Our reputation is predicated on delivering a top candidate in a timely fashion.

The Next Step

Our job orders and position requests change frequently.  We live in a dynamic world and business decisions often occur quickly.  We are happy to share with you a list of current openings, but first we require that you submit your resume to us using the e-mail link listed below.  Forwarding your resume to this address automatically includes your resume and contact information in our secure database and allows us to start the review process so that we are sharing opportunities that are most relevant to your background.  Having your resume on file also allows us to bring to your attention opportunities that match your background, and engage in a meaningful dialogue based on who you are and where you want to go.  Our insight into the marketplace is vast and many job seekers rely on us to enhance their understanding of the business landscape and shifting trends that define our industry.

Please take a few moments and review the site, visit the LinkedIn page of our founder, Dr. Linda Sharkus, and ask questions about Acquis’s founder to your trusted professional business contacts, to assure that Linda Sharkus is a person of integrity and as such would work to maintain the same standards in Acquis.  Once you are satisfied that we stand as a leader in the industry and as a trusted ally to many large multinational business concerns, send us a copy of your resume and we will start exploring potentials together.

E-Mail Us Your Resume

Please send your resume as an e-mail attachment.  Include in your cover letter:

  • the type of position desired,
  • geographic preference, and your
  • most recent compensation, including base salary and bonus.

Send your resume to:  resumes@acquis.com.  You have our word that your personal information and resume will be treated with the utmost confidence.

The following file types are valid for e-mail attachments: .PDF (text-based only), Word (.doc and .docx), RTF (Rich Text Format), XML, Vcard, and RFC822.