Steve Goldberg - 2nd Half Matters Founder

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Steve Goldberg the founder of 2nd Half Matters brings 30+ years of experience in executive-personal coaching and leadership-organizational development to his work with executive leaders, teams and organizations in the corporate, governmental and non-profit sectors. Steve’s practice now primarily focuses on working with successful leaders and couples, who are in career transition and/or entering into the second half of their lives. As part of his services, he offers coaching, personal and group retreat experiences from his island home in British Columbia, Canada and winter home in South Florida.

Steve lives and models the belief that our second half can be our best half. It’s a time of potentially harnessing personal energy-life experience and engaging our bodies, hearts, minds & spirits in wise, curious and magnificent ways that may not have been possible earlier in life. He believes in balancing the living of a healthy, wealthy fulfilling life with contribution to making the world a better place than we found it.

Steve has worked around the globe in over 20 countries, in coaching and organizational effectiveness assignments with Fortune 50 corporations, UN organizations and major international governmental bodies. This includes extensive assignments with ATT, Accenture, Leo Burnett, Ford Motor Company, US Postal Service, World Health Organization, UNESCO, International Red Cross, the Canadian International Development Agency and United States Agency for International Development.

Steve holds a Masters Degree from Harvard University, specializing in organizational and human development. He also is a certified mediator-negotiator. Steve’s post-graduate work includes a degree in adult development and counseling, with a focus on life long learning and transition-career coaching.