Welcome to Acquis Associates, Inc.

Acquis is a company that provides opportunities and resources that will make a difference in your career.   We are a niche recruiting firm that focuses on opportunities that require a scientific background.  We work on assignments in the Chemical industry and Allied industries, from new graduate positions through executive positions, as well as Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices.

Finding, hiring and retaining Class “A “employees, whether they are managers, engineers or bankers, is an important challenge.  To complicate matters further, jobs today are more and more complex, requiring a greater number of skills that further reduce the pool of qualified applicants and can make finding the “right person” more difficult and frustrating.

What Differentiates Us?

  • Understanding needs of business and balancing career aspirations of candidates
  • Understands business, strategy and how each position fits within your business strategy
  • Continued relationships and networks as a result of industry work experience
  • Founder was a fellow scientists
  • Experience finding strategic partners and negotiating relations
  • Budgetary responsibilities and understanding time is money

Special Capabilities

Years in the chemical industry have given us an understanding and appreciation of the functional roles and disciplines within the industry enhancing our ability to perform searches in a broad range of technical areas.

Our staff resources, attendance at professional conferences and seminars, perusal of industry research literature and journals, all assure that we will understand current developments in your industry, and that we will be able to help you satisfy your requirements.

Each of our clients works with a principle member of our staff to provide continuity throughout the search and to build a relationship of trust.

Flaws in Traditional Selection Methods

Traditional selection methods often fall short.  Two false assumptions frequently promote failure:

  • Competency can be successfully inferred from past positions and
  • Interviewing is basically an easy process.

When these two beliefs are in place, resumes are assumed to establish the applicant’s competencies.  It cannot be assumed that the listed competencies apply to your challenges.  If an applicant lists key successes, it is believed that he/she can apply those same methods to the present business challenges.  It is imperative to look beyond the key words.   Acquis sees beyond this paradigm and is attuned to the differentiators that make a good fit.  Acquis delivers candidates that stand out as leaders in their field.   If you want to be truly amazed call us — you have everything to gain.

A New Look at Strategy

In times of extreme environmental variance organizations that look to traditional pools risks, charts, value-maps, etc.", do so at their own peril. The reason for this is because the above methods are merely two-dimensional frameworks, which only offer viable information when the external environment is constant.   As such, strategies are implemented and acted upon based on a clear set of hypothetical futures within well-defined boundaries, which we know, no longer exist.   Academics and executives who spend their time studying the landscape as a fix seen, lose the importance of evolutionary dynamics, and therefore create strategies that are irrelevant than before they are even implemented.

In simple terms, organizations need to rethink how they create and implement strategy.  It is no longer sufficient to review past performances, and predict outcomes based on a linear trajectory.  Strategies must be engineered with the flexibility to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, as they will most surely arise.

In an effort to move away from graphs and charts, organizations should look at the business landscape as more of an evolving story, rather than a foregone numerical conclusion. Michael Jacoby's of Harvard business review causes business paradigm a play script. This format faces strategy head-on identifying, in writing, the underlying logic, story lines, subplots, decisions, and motives of all the individuals that are capturing in creating value for the business. By operating on the assumption that a story can (and probably will) change at any moment, companies remain flexible and more focused on controlling change rather than feeling the symptoms of unpredicted variables.

The impact of this thinking occurs in a number of ways, and can be applied to almost any scenario.  For the competitive business landscape, identify and study in the characteristics and storyline are essential to prevention.  Again, when an individual or organization can see the plot and subplot as they develop, they gain a greater sense of the different avenues that the story might take, allowing them to more effectively implement strategy from a proactive posture. This adds to greater fiscal outcomes as a result of greater strategic efficiency, and less dead-loss as a result of implementing.  And since no story can unfold without the right character in the right part, our services offer insight, flexibility, and reach that can offer your business but decidedly strategic advantage.